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Municipal networks - Public access

The general idea is for a municipality to provide internet access as a utility with emphasis on crowded public spaces with cultural and commercial interest (squares, schools, parks, malls, etc).


The installation, operation and maintenance of municipal networks comes from public bodies (city, municipality or other form of government) as a service to the public.

Their use by citizens, businesses, visitors, tourists and possibly the public services sector provides multiple benefits to the local community and economy.


Internet access as a public good is particularly useful for those who cannot afford private internet services, as well as those yet unacquainted with the world wide web.


Greece has a substantial presence in the world of municipal networks as it counts over 400 municipal  free Wi-Fi access spots along with the historically significant innovations of the Digital City of Trikala (e-trikala) since 2005.

Along with the free internet access , a municipality has the ability to offer various additional services to the citizen or visitor.


Considerable expertise is held by the municipality of Trikala  who has implemented pilot programs in local transport, e-health and tourism.

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